Wall furniture Geometry Class

Wall furniture Geometry Class

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This furniture was made for and designed with the client. 


Requested was a handsome design that would include segments of the replaced furniture, but the practial improvement of the new design was the main goal. So more storage space was a must-have, but it was not supposed to make it look massively wallcovering. The use of drawers was greatly encouraged.


That delivered this grand piece of practical wall decoration. The wooden windows represent the replaced old furniture, and the glass door actually survived the metamorphosis. The see-through effect allows for a spacial design with lots of interesting features.

The white bodies have a high storage capacity, and all hinges and drawers are chosen and placed according to wishes. There are even extra drawers behind the covers.

All the white panels are push-to-open, to keep it nice and simple. The LED mood lighting is dimmable and operated by touch.